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    • 20 Aug 2017
    • 12:00 AM
    • 22 Aug 2017
    • 11:30 PM
    • Unity Reservoir Central Oregon

    Final Notice and Details

    Central Oregon Splash-Out – The “Great American Eclipse” 20-22 August 2017

    Our plans for this very unique total solar eclipse splash-out are complete.  You do not want to miss this event as the next opportunity for viewing a total eclipse in North America is April 2024 with totality only on the east coast!

    Our camping location and base of operations will be at Owyhee Reservoir in east-central Oregon.  We will be beaching in the bay immediately west of Owyhee Reservoir State Airport (28U – 2680’ASL).  The Goggle Earth photo below is dated 15 July 2016.  I have been advised by the Owyhee Irrigation District that reservoir levels will be higher than indicated below in mid-August this year due to abundant snow pack (the reservoir is at full pool now).  So we will be in good shape for beaching.

    This is primitive camping with no facilities whatsoever and no cell service.  I will be digging a privy pit and have a privacy cover (an outhouse of sorts).  All other camping gear is to be provided by the participants (tents, potable water, food, beverages, etc.).  WSPA VP, Greg Corrado, will be arriving Owyhee on wheels and has kindly offered to make a jerry can fuel run for those requiring 100LL (likely Ontario, OR or Caldwell, ID).  Another option for 100LL on the water in northern Oregon is Wiley’s Seaplane Port on Willamette River (20G3).  Wiley’s is private and has a limited amount of 100LL.  Please coordinate at least a week in advance with Aron Faegre, 503-880-1469.  Aron has offered to support eclipse splash-out pilots, if able.

    Because Owyhee is slightly south of the swath of totality I have located a better body of water for eclipse viewing, that being Unity Reservoir, OR.  Unity is 75nm NNW of Owyhee and 25nm SW of Baker City, OR.  Unity Reservoir, 3820’, is open to power boats and has a 10,000+ foot N/S arm and a 7,000+ foot E/W arm.  Unity lies right smack in the middle of the totality swath and will have a totality duration of just over 2 minutes (starting at 1023PDT on the 21st).  From Unity the eclipse can be viewed from the water, shoreline, a 4956’ASL hill immediately east of the reservoir or from the air.

    The day-by-day itinerary is as follows;

    Sunday – 20 August:          Suggested AM flight to Owyhee Reservoir and establish camp.  Fuel run as required.

    Monday – 21 August:         Early AM flight to Unity Reservoir and position for eclipse viewing.

                                               Partial eclipse starts at 0909PDT (from 1 o’clock on the suns disk).

                                               Total eclipse starts at 1023PDT and lasts two amazing minutes.

    Early PM return to Owyhee Reservoir camp for “post-eclipse-splash-out celebration party”.

    Tuesday – 22 August:        Depart Owyhee for points north (when able).

    Safety Note:           All participants will need eclipse viewing eye protection.  Inexpensive and available on-line.

    My flight plan (C182) from Renton, W36 to Owyhee and back up NNW to Unity is shown below.

    I have had the pleasure of viewing a couple of total solar eclipse.  Very impressive from the ground……………perhaps even more impressive while in the air?

    Please RSVP to;

    Don Goodman



    • 08 Sep 2017
    • 1:00 PM
    • 10 Sep 2017
    • 4:00 PM
    • Tanglefoot Seaplane Base, Priest lake, Idaho

    Washington Seaplane Pilots Association (WSPA)

    Priest Lake Fly-in

    D28-Tanglefoot Seaplane Base

    September 8th, 9th and 10th

    Greetings and welcome to open registration for the 2017 Washington Seaplane Pilots Association (WSPA) fly-in to Priest Lake scheduled for Friday September 98h thru Sunday September 10th. Please refer to the WSPA website (www.washingtonseaplanepilots.org) for event registration.  This year we are charging $50 per attendee (including your passengers). 

    Situated in lovely Cavanaugh Bay, our gathering will be held at D28 (Tanglefoot seaplane base), home to Loel and Olson Fenwick.  The base features a dock, beach and ramp space for both straight and amphibious floats.  On wheels, the Cavanaugh Bay airstrip (66s) is located next door.

    Accommodations will include camping with restroom facilities at both the airstrip and seaplane base.  If you prefer to rent a room, we have an agreement with the Welcome Inn located in Coolin (just down the road from the fly-in).  They are offering a 10% discount on rooms if you mention WSPA. The manager’s name is Cindy, phone 208-443-2447 for reservations.  You could also try Cavanaugh Bay Resort located next door to the fly-in venue. Their reservation number is 208-841-6111. The Washington Seaplane Pilots Association (WSPA) will be providing meals over the weekend on the grounds of the seaplane base including a dinner with guest speakers on Saturday night September 9th.  We have attached an agenda to this email.  If for any reason you encounter difficulty in getting to the fly-in or have a change of plans, kindly notify Jack Jacobson at 206-769-7436 or Olson Fenwick at 208-610-1579.

    Upon arrival, you will be required to execute two agreements pertaining to the fly-in “Agreement to Assume Risk of Injury and Release of Claims” and the WSPA “Waiver of Liability”.  Copies of these agreements are attached to this email. Bringing executed copies with you will expedite your check-in process.

    We are once again hosting a Boy Scout troop (Sandpoint Idaho) to assist them with their Aviation Merit badge. We need volunteer speakers and pilots to coordinate their participation in our fly-out Saturday afternoon.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    Since most of you will be camping, I would encourage you to bring some warm clothes for the evening hours and a headlamp will be helpful in travelling between the various venues on site.

    Last of all, I would like to thank Olson and Loel Fenwick for the gracious opportunity to utilize their private residence and grounds for this fly-in.  This is truly a unique spot on earth and to show our appreciation I would encourage you to practice “Leave No Trace” camping and respect for their personal property.

    No doubt some of you will be drafted or may just be inclined to want to pitch in and help with meals and cleanup, which we will sincerely appreciate. 

    CTAF for 66S and D28 is 122.9.  We are using this frequency in the air and on the water for ramping, docking, beaching and mooring instructions.  

    This should be a fun event and we look forward to seeing all of you.  Safe travels.

    Washington Seaplane Pilots Association (WSPA)

    Priest Lake Fly-in

    D28-Tanglefoot Seaplane Base

    September 8th, 9th and 10th

    • Ø  Noon to sunset arrival (sunset approximately 19:16)
    • Ø  1800, social hour (BYOB) and fresh made pizza dinner to follow
    • Ø  0800               Boy Scouts arrive and breakfast at the hangar (Provided)
    • Ø  0900               Mandatory Pilot Safety Briefing (FAA will be in attendance)
    • Ø  0930               Boy Scout Merit Badge assistance, need volunteer pilots
    • Ø  1100               Make your own sandwich and snacks, (we supply the fixings)
    • Ø   1130              Fly-out to NE Priest Lake with Boy Scouts
    • Ø  1130-1500    Lunch at fly-out location
    • Ø  1600               Boy Scouts Depart
    • Ø  1630                Hosted social hour-Fenwick residence
    • Ø  1800              Dinner-at the hangar (Provided)
    • Ø  1900               Speakers (TBD)
    • Ø 0800                Departure Continental Breakfast at the hangar (Provided)

    Sandwich fixings provided for your trip home

    NOTE: Arrival and departure Cavanaugh Bay traffic Unicom 122.9

                Once on the water, 122.9 for mooring and ramping instructions.


    We plan to invite an FAA representative this year, please practice safe piloting.

    Please land outside the water buoys around Blue Diamond Marina, which is just north of D28.  Upon departure please reduce RPM’s for noise abatement. This marina has complained to the FAA and is not friendly, so please avoid patronage.

    Please remember that although D28 is an FAA designated Seaplane base, you are visiting the private residence and grounds of Loel and Olson Fenwick. Your respect of the owner’s private property would be greatly appreciated.

    Food will be provided at the Seaplane Base and to help defray costs, any WSPA Board Member will gladly accept contributions.  We look forward to seeing all of you.  Fly safe.

    Please practice “Leave No Trace” camping

    • 23 Sep 2017
    • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    • 13024 Naomilawn Dr SW Lakewood, WA 98498

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