Invasive Species

Updated 2/19/2019


     We Highly Recommend that each and every seaplane pilot Watch the Invasive Species Training Video, take the test and print your certificate of completion.  Carry that with you in the airplane or display it in the window for enforcement personnel to see.(this may become a yearly requirement-watch for updates)

     Washington State also requires a yearly AIS Permit that can be purchased on line or where you buy your fishing license.  This is also required to be available or on display.


     A third requirement that will probably be on the horizon will be for you to keep some kind of a log entry of what water bodies you've visited in the last 30 days and where and when you have inspected and/or decontaminated your aircraft.


     As we see the spread of these critters, local, state and federal agencies have required the boating community to jump through hoops. Lake Tahoe and Lake Mead have become a bureaucratic nightmare. 


     We are working hard to get ahead of the program and keep legislation to a minimum for you.  Thank you for your cooperation.


BTW-  A comparison of Individual State Laws are covered in the National Sea Grant Law Center's .PDF


National Seagrant Law Center

Invasive Species Training Video


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