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Invasive Species

Updated 5/20/2019

Today marks one of the biggest milestones in Seaplane history! 

Four northwestern states have approved our www.SeaplaneAisTraining.com website as fully accredited training for seaplane pilots to inspect and decontaminate their own aircraft.  WA, ID, OR and MT have agreed to allow pilots to self certify if they meet the requirements on the training site. 

Watch the video, take the test, download and print your certificate and then return to view the state’s individual requirements.  If you need to purchase a permit or sticker the links are there as well.  WA does require a permit!

All states will also require you to keep track of where you've landed in the last 30 days and/or any cleaning or decontamination that you have performed.  A simple note pad or notebook will suffice.

Note:  Previous videos and the tests to include the one previously on the SPA website, while nearly identical, are NOT the approved course.  To meet the requirements you must view the new video and take the new test.  This will become a yearly requirement for those states that require inspections and decontamination.

Questions and or comments can be directed to ais@washingtonseaplanepilots.org

 Thank you for your cooperation.


BTW-  A comparison of Individual State Laws are covered in the National Sea Grant Law Center's .PDF

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